CONSENSUS® is an innovative seed treatment containing EPA-approved Plant Growth Regulator technology designed to promote early germination, quicker root development and stimulation of Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) stress resistance. Triple-charged to Prime, Propel and Protect.

Product Benefits: 
  • PRIMES seed for faster germination
  • PROPELS a bigger seedling root system
  • PROTECTS by activating the plant's natural defense mechanisms
  • Unique combination of EPA-registered plant growth regulators
  • Highly efficient, low-volume formulation
  • Compatible with many seed treatments

Consensus graph



Loveland University : CONSENSUS

Loveland University course (4:09)

Consensus (right) vs Untreated on Soybeans

Consensus on cotton (right); 14 days after emergence

Treated with Consensus (right), untreated (left)