DYNA-START® 3P is the only soybean seed treatment that combines EPA-approved PGR technology with Rhizobia inoculant: Triple-charged to Prime, Propel & Protect.

Product Benefits: 
  • Includes CONSENSUS® EPA-registered Plant Growth Regulator
  • Dual-strain Bradyrhizobium Japonicum inoculant
  • Low use rate and compatible with many seed treatments


  • Primes the seed for faster germination
  • Propels a bigger seedling root system
  • Protects by activating the plant's natural defense mechanisms
  • Includes Rhizobia to optimize nitrogen fixation
Dyna-Start 3P: The faster the start, the stronger the finish.

Dyna-Start 3P video (1:51)

Dyna-Start 3P comparison with Consensus