Applied foliar or in-furrow, Radiate® strengthens young plants’ roots to promote bigger, higher-quality yields. 

Radiate® is a plant growth regulator with a patented formulation of Indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) and Kinetin. This patented formulation helps crops develop longer, healthier, stronger roots to improve nutrient uptake, stress resistance and plant health. In many soil types or application systems, the root force of Radiate can enhance yields and crop quality. 

Product Benefits: 

The proven technology of Radiate plant growth hormone provides growers with consistent performance across a wide variety of crops and:

  • Improves early season vigor
  • Promotes root and shoot growth
  • Reduces early season stress
  • Can be applied in-furrow and foliar
  • Compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides

How Radiate works

Radiate can be used as a foliar application or applied in-furrow at planting. The combination of IBA and Kinetin creates a powerful root stimulator for plants, also increasing the plant’s ability to produce more of these essential root growth hormones. That unique balance consistently supports maximum root growth and plant performance.

RADIATE: Maximizes Crop Potential

Proven Performance On Many Crops video (5:23)

Radiate "Roots" TV commercial (0:30)

Radiate "Roots" TV Commercial (0:30)


Radiate TV Commercial (0:30)

Make all the difference with Radiate this season

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