Turf and Ornamental Soil Surfactant

Turf and Ornamental Programs recommending Soil Surfactants:

FALL PREP PROGRAM: As the winter season approaches, unavoidable environmental stresses restrict turf growth and performance. The "Fall Prep Program" offers a proactive, pre-stress conditioning approach by maximizing soil nutrient availability and the capacity for turfgrass to build roots and maximize carbohydrate reserves.

PURE CURE PROGRAM: Problem: Hydrophobic soils - the binding of organic materials that coat sand particles and reduce the porosity of the soil - greatly reduces the ability of water and nutrients to be absorbed into the soil and initiates LDS (localized dry spot). Solution: Dissolve waxy coatings and break-up the calcium carbonates and bicarbonates, thus increasing water porosity and nutrient availability while reducing sodium.

SOIL AWAKENING PROGRAM: Traditionally, conventional mechanical practices are utilized to increase turf growth and performance by lessening soil compaction that physically restricts root growth and retards nutrient and water availability. The Signature® brand "Soil Awakening Program" compliments such mechanical practices by lessening such soil-based physiological turf stresses with the use of unconventional, proprietary technologies.

OVERSEEDING PROGRAM: This program implements a balance of nutritional elements demanded by the plant to build a strong root structure. The combination of vital nutrients and plant stimulants will provide an aggressive root system and faster establishment of turf.

AERIFICATION PROGRAM: Managing soils is an essential practice in producing a quality turf that meets the demands of golfers. Aerification and other soil mechanical practices are necessary to achieve high quality turf. Aerification often has a negative impact on turf and its playability. Loveland Products has aimed its technology towards two distinct areas to reduce the impact of aerification on turf: Reducing initial stress and Accelerating turf recovery from physical damage.

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